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The Ultimate Gift Guide

Buying a gift for a friend or loved one doesn't have to be complicated. We've listed 10 of our favourite gift options for you below.  All gifts come with an option to send a personalized gift note.  



1. Lavender Fields Dried Bouquet $36:  A safe gift choice no matter the persons taste, or their colour tones in their home, it is an all neutral bouquet (which means it matches any decor!) with the exception of a few stems of lavender, which gives it a small touch of colour. This bouquet is great with a white or clear bud vase.




2. The Luna Arrangement $40: This arrangement is so dreamy.  Flowers with wilt and die but not this dried arrangement - with a preserved rose it's the perfect everlasting gift.  The bud vase is 5" in height, and the arrangement is approximately 12" tall which makes it perfect for a desk - where they can admire it all day long!





3. Orchid Phalaenopsis $35: Our Orchids are over 25" tall!  Who doesn't love an orchid as a gift?  They are delivered fresh, with most of their buds still closed so you can watch them bloom!  All orchids come in an all white ceramic pot. They come in white, light pink, peach, and dark pink. 




4. Dreamy Dried Bouquet $38:  The dreamy bouquet is just as the name suggests. Perfect for the girl that likes a romantic vibe in her home. White pampas grass, a preserved hydrangea, and a touch of pink and gold. 




5. Wispy Dried Bouquet $37:  We promise this one will not disappoint. The best-selling Wispy is dainty with neutral colours.  Matches anyones style or home decor.




6. Veranda Planter with Tropical Plant $30:  At 9" tall this planter is perfect for someone's desk where they can enjoy a tropical plant.  A plant is always a safe choice as a gift.  Different varieties of tropical plants to choose from.  




7. Summer Glow Flower Arrangement $50:  This fresh flower arrangement comes in a faint pink vase with a gold rim. Which means this vase won't just sit in a cupboard afterwards, it's something you can enjoy over and over again.  Not to mention the flowers are beautiful.  Different sizes available.




8. Footed Planter with Succulent $16-$19:  Our small footed planters are the cutest little pots.  We love these for the bathroom, on a coffee table tray, or a shelf or desk.  Choose between a mini cactus or succulent. 



9. Cocod'or Reed Diffuser $24:  This home fragrance comes in a gorgeous bottle, not only does it smell heavenly but looks great in your home too.  Choose between Black Cherry or Pure Cotton that is crisp and clean.



10. Meadow Dried Arrangement $55:  This low profile arrangement looks great on an entryway table or desk.  Comes already perfectly arranged in a white pot. 

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