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The 10 Best Trailing House Plants to Add to Your Collection

Nothing creates a lush, tropical vibe in your home than a trailing plant hanging from your ceiling or shelves. They add a touch of nature and it's the easiest, cheapest way to transform your decor and space.

Maybe you ran out of room on your windowsill or shelves- and need more room for your plant collection. Or perhaps you love the look of their lush green leaves trailing down your bookshelf.  We've listed the 10 most beautiful trailing houseplants to add to your collection.


01 String of Hearts

The String of Hearts has to be one of our favourites! They are a trailing succulent-like plant native to South Africa.  Not to be confused with The String of Spades, or The String of Turtles, that look similar.  They have green leaves with a touch of silver, with heart-shaped foliage. They have frequent small magenta blooms. They are a fast-growing plant, which we love, because who has time to wait? Their trails can reach up to 12"long!  If your String of Hearts gets too long for your space, you can prune it back to the desired length. Don't discard the cut off stems, let them grow roots in water and put them back in the soil. Leaves you with an instantly fuller mother plant, or make more plants! 

Hang this plant next to a window for a dramatic effect. I have mine placed in an east-facing window that gets lots of morning sun. 


 02 Burro's Tail


Sedum morganianum, the donkey tail, or burro's tail is probably one of the most unique trailing plants out there. A show-stopper and definitely a plant that attracts attention.  They produce bright green, pillow-like trailing stems up to 60cm long.  Native to Southern Mexico and Honduras, they are a succulent perennial. Root rot due to overwatering is the most common issue. Wilting or soft leaves may indicate too much soil moisture.  


03 Spider Plant



You can't talk about trailing plants without the Spider Plant. It is a fast growing plant that produces new shoots often.  Their leaves are long and narrow, that drape over the edge of the pot.  Extremely easy to care for, which makes it next to impossible to kill; perfect for the novice plant owner.  You can grow them in just water or in soil. They are extremely easy to propagate, so you can make more plants, or even spread the love by giving a cutting to your family or friends. 


04 Hoya Compacta



Hoya Compacta, or the Hindu rope plant, Krinkle Kurl, porcelain flower, or wax plant.  The Hoya Compacta is a popular house plant and for a good reason.  It has unique curly leaves, and when they trail down they resemble a rope.  They look absolutely beautiful in a hanging basket or ledges that will show off its trailing vines.  They produce star-shaped tiny flowers in clusters, that are so perfect they seem to be made of porcelain.  They like to be crowded in a smaller pot, so don't be so quick to repot this one. They are also easy to propagate with cuttings.  This one is a unique plant that won't look anything like your other plants in your collection.


05  Pothos


A great way to start with a trailing houseplant is with the Pothos.  It is one of the most popular houseplants out there.  They are very low maintenance, and enjoy a wide range of environments.  They can be grown in water or soil, and can be kept in low light. They are fast growing, and look the best in a hanging basket or trailing from a shelf.  Common varieties are the Golden Pothos and the Marble Queen.  Highly recommend. 


06 Ivy












 Ivy is a vining plant that is considered invasive because of their aggressive growth rate.  The most common is the English Ivy, which are excellent climbers, clinging to almost any surface by small roots that grow along their stems.  They tend to be slow growers in their first year as a juvenile plant, but after that they are fast growing and will trail beautifully wherever you put them.  You can put a trellis or stake for them to climb, or they will trail down.


07 Philodendron Heartleaf

Philodendron is one of the most popular houseplants year after year. It has heart-shaped green leaves, and quick-growing trailing vines, that make it perfect for a hanging basket or trailing down a shelf. It is a low-maintenance houseplant and extremely easy to care for.  It likes bright, indirect light, but can also tolerate low light, which is the best attribute of this plant.  A must have!


08 String of Pearls



There isn't a more beautiful trailing plant out there than the String of Pearls.  Their  cascading small round "pearl" leaves are an absolutely stunning display.  They are a succulent, so they lik plenty of bright light.  Be careful not to overwater the string of pearls.


09 Cactus Chain











Rhipsalis Paradoxa or "Cactus Chain" is a unique trailing cactus with an unusual 3 angle "chain" like structure.  They are perfect for trailing from a hanging planter or windowsill to create a real desert vibe.


 10 Goldfish Plant


The Goldfish plant is unique and isn't seen all that often. It has vibrant, dark green glossy leaves, with orange flowers that resemble goldfish. The aren't necessarily a trailing plant, but I did have to include it because when their stems are mature they cascade down and form a beautiful display when in a hanging basket, especially while blooming. 

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